Lane digital is an award winning, boutique digital studio who assists advertising agencies, creative studios, marketing teams and small businesses acheive their objectives, online. We specialise in content managed online websites, ecommerce and visually rich adobe flash based content.

We are a small team of passionate, highly qualified professionals with over 17 years experience in providing digital based media solutions to some of Australia’s most awarded agencies, clients and projects.

we are small, but our ideas are huge


Lifestar is a team of Brisbane-based Accredited Practising Dietitians, Accredited Sports Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists passionate about assisting people to achieve positive lifestyle change and optimum performance, through the provision of quality, evidence-based advice, support and resources on all aspects of nutrition and exercise.

BoomTime is a training group that wants to optimise your performance so its crucial to be amongst professionals that understand the nutritional needs for cycling, Olympic distance and Ironman triathlon- This is what Lifestar specialise in – and it’s their personal passion. Lifestar bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their clients; having worked with elite and recreational endurance athletes for over 7 years. The team is highly motivated, extremely professional, and whole-heartedly dedicated to assisting each and every one of their clients to achieve (and exceed) their personal goals.

Lifestar's philosophy combines a high level of attention to detail, with a sensitive and caring approach to each person that they meet. Lifestar believe that since each individual has unique food preferences and life circumstances, there cannot be a 'one diet fits all' approach to food. You are listened to and empowered to utilise your existing strengths to become the very best you can be.

Lifestar offers individual consultations; customised meal plans; skin fold assessments; race day nutrition planning; competition preparation and lifestyle coaching to help you achieve your goals.

You are what you eat, so make sure you get it right. For expert advice and support with all your sports nutrition needs, look no further than Lifestar Nutrition & Exercise Physiology. Phone: 3217 2470 or visit www.lifestarnutrition.com.au for bookings and ensure you make mention of your BoomTime connection

Vault Accountants

BoomTime would like to introduce Vault Accountants (VA) - industry leaders specialising in Tax and Superannuation Administration. Vault was established in December 2009 by Brad A. Gunn and Sharath Sama with the primary focus on providing a holistic approach to their clients needs.  Having both worked together for five years in a boutique chartered accounting practice, they saw first hand how NOT to treat your clients.  Most accountants are reactive to their clients’ needs, where the VA approach was simple, stay in contact, work with your clients and look outside the square.  When the business opened its door approximately 85% of Brads & Sharath’s clients followed. Since then, the business has grown and expanded into more diversified areas of tax planning & strategy, financial planning, estate planning, retirement planning, wealth creation, insurance + risk, funds management, wealth protection and SMSF Administration. 

With extensive experience and selective staff appointment, the clients reap the benefits of a “one stop” shop. Vault Accountants have clients based in every mainland state of Australia, Singapore, German,y South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Canada & London. Promoting an ease of communication via email & skype, Vault ensures that all clients needs are fully catered for.  Our client list stretches from taxi drivers through to CEO’s and yes a handful of accountants; everyone is treated exactly the same regardless of personal wealth.  Brad & Sharath work hard on ensuring that client contact is paramount at all times whilst undertaking any task, fees are quoted and fixed, NO time billing, NO hidden surprises when the work has been done.

It’s a simple approach to client management, a business that Brad & Sharath are very passionate about, its more than a job, albeit Brad still finds time to have with his family and of course his true passion-Cycling. Sharath doesn’t share the same passion with cycling, however start talking about cricket and it’s a whole different story. You can view the Vault Accountants website here

Brad A.Gunn
Vault Accountants Pty Ltd



Brew Cafe & Wine Bar is located at Lower Burnett Lane, Brisbane CBD. Anyone who has been in Brisbane in the last 10 years will know that up until now there has been nowhere to go in the city if you don’t wear a tie to work. Brew is one of a select group of new cafes that has opened in the city in the last 18 months that offers something different.   It’s amazing what knocking out the wall of a former basement gallery can do for luring a smooth city down the laneway. We are nice and central, you can sit outside in the sun or inside is a silky smooth atmosphere displaying local artists work.

Regardless of what you wear, BREW cafe is an inviting space that is equipped to serve you a signature espresso martini or a coffee of your choice, Long MAC? Bang, a nero blend Di Bella coffee bean will be handled accordingly to deliver your poison as you like it- BOOM. You won’t feel out of place in your cycling kit either as you arrive from the BoomTime social ride every Friday morning at 630- Bike parking is avalailable

For something simple post ride definately BREW's fruit toast with honey and ricotta or for something bigger our big breakfast! Prosciutto, two poached eggs, organic toast, avocado, rocket and roast tomatos. The manager’s choice at lunch is cured ham toasted sandwich with bocconcini, rocket, slow roasted tomatoes and lemon infused olive oil but if you’re unsure whether or not to trust her judgement (fool!) there is plenty of mix and match on the post 5pm tapas menu.

DiBella Nero and a range of single origin with a choice of either espresso, syphon or cold press. BREW has this nailed- BOOM happy! Whatever the staff are listening to or the punters recommend, BREW is happy to satisfy your needs for beats and as night comes, you are witness to some uber tunes that cements BREW cafe as your CBD destination for a kick start or a layback.

FOR BOOMTIMERS you guys are special, we all know that- special in the eye patch wearing way :) BREW opens early Friday mornings for you BOOMERS. You can grab you breaky & brew nice and quickly so you have more time chatting to your mates.  Come in a grab your Brewtime Boomtime Card enjoy a few savings breakfast lunck or dinner.

BREW cafe is another fantastic partner helping you feel completely at ease with your decision to join the BoomTime Crew. For functions like our amazing BoomTime XMAS party, BREW is available through stuff@brewgroup.com.au