Boom Session Cards

The session cards have been introduced to replace the previous monthly training fees and packages. The session cards can be used at any training session provided by BoomTime.

You have 3 options a 5, 10 & 20 session card, each card has at least a FREE session, you will need to purchase a session card before you can attend a training session, the respective coach will ask for your card and clip it accordingly, NO session card then a fee of $ 15 will be required.  This is not negotiable, as we have increased the number of sessions available for all levels of participation, and all coaches are paid a session fee, please ensure you carry your session card at all time, you will be able to use your session card @ functions, workshops and related advertised promotions.

Session Card Investments (fixed fee investment until 30th. June 2013)

  • 5 Session Card (Li’der Card) with 1 FREE sessions @ $ 65
  • 10 Session Card (Maestro Card) with 2 FREE session @ $ 95
  • 20 Session Card (Institucion Card) with 3 FREE sessions @ 180

Should you require a specific training program, these will be tailor made and athlete / cyclist specific, if you could contact Adrian (Boothy)  and a fee can be negotiated once the program has been delivered.

By purchasing and participating in this product, you must understand and agree to our Waiver Consent Release and Indemnity.