Ironman, Run 4 Kids and beyond
Sunday, April 13, 2014
Starting off the year the aim was to drive health and fitness. This was to be characterised through achieving certain goals. These goals were Challenge Melbourne, Ironman Melbourne, Run 4 Kids, Great Ocean Road Marathon, Sydney Marathon and then Melbourne Marathon.

Sprinkled in here was the #101520 run challenge all on the back of #24in24.

So far I competed in Challenge and the Ironman and I have also rolled through the #101520 run challenge and I am really happy. In about 5 weeks I have the Great Ocean Road Marathon. You can check out the blogs.

We have also just replenished our team kit and our Garmin products, so you can check all that stuff out right HERE

Thanks for stopping by, BOOM 
Its on, for the next 3 months and beyond
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Well 2014 has truly become the time to go BOOOOOOM!!!!

At the near end of January now, having celebrated a fantastic Australia Day weekend with our Family we look ahead to our athletic endeavours.

First up is Challenge Melbourne, a half IronMan consisting of 1.9 swim, 90 cycle and then a half marathon. Read about it HERE

Next on the list is the Melbourne Ironman- read about it HERE

After this is the Victorian road racing season and in May we takle Australia's most scenic Marathon- the Great Ocean Road 45km Marathon!!! Read about it HERE

We have great stocks of Garmin product for you and some super competitive pricing- check it all out on the products page 
New Year, New Challenges #101520
Wednesday, January 01, 2014
As cliche' as it sounds, the New Year has brought new challenges.....read on....

Mid 2013 I was just over 100kg (106kg) and through drive and effort, support and encouragement at the end of 24 weeks I come in bang on target. The scale next to us here is a halfway screen shot, well taken at the beginning of October. I use this one as it demonstrates effectively that there literally were ups and downs.........but post this success I cannot rest on a laurel. Check out the journey in my challenges page HERE

So for 2014 I want to introduce the #101520 challenge

This is a running based challenge that will see me complete over 700km of running in just over 6 weeks- the challenge finishes mid February just in time to taper properly for the Melbourne Ironman- Read about it HERE.

That is it for this update. Check out the site, check out our BLOGS and if you are after some fitness equipment, check out our PRODUCTS.

Lets see 2014 as YOUR Year, Lets get it done together!! BOOM 
Sun is out, Super Crit and new Garmins in stock!!
Monday, December 02, 2013
Progressing through November and transitioning through to December, the Sun is shining so the great Melbourne Cycling and Triathlon fraternity is out in droves. Melbourne is the great seductress and in this weather with clear blue skies it confirm why this is such a great place to be.

This is one of the best times of the year for racers and spectators alike with the Logie-Smith Lanyon Super Crit. This event basically kicks off a stellar few months of racing in Australia. This event is a 75 minute carnival of smack. Truly the cream of Australian Men and Women Cyclists' converge on downtown Melbourne. National and International "hitters" will contest the wonderland of wattage produced by St Kilda Cycling Club. You can read all about it in our BLOG. Just save the date- December 15.

Keen to measure just how good you are doing and how good you can be?

Get on the new Garmin 220 and 620 wagon. These have a special "coach" facility attached to them- they are available now in store or via our online store. Freight is FREE, to anywhere in Australia
Fund raising, Crit racing and more #24in24
Monday, November 04, 2013
It truly is a spectacular time of year. The weather continues to get better and better, daylight savings has firmly kicked in, its just a great time of the year. The Melbourne Marathon has been run, and won......what a great day this was. You can check out the details HERE

Having entered into the Melbourne Ironman to represent family members who have passed this year, we begun offering incentives, 1 per month, to those who donated $120.00 or more to the Tour De Cure through my FUNDRAISING PAGE.

The first winner is Michael St Clair- he receives a Garmin 910XT bundle- congrats!!. This is happening every month until March- so if you can, please contribute. Our goal is 20K. The Major prize is a Garmin 810+Vector Pedal Bundle valued at just over 2K.

The Great Criterium season has begun, well its been going a few weeks already. St Kilda CC host Men's and Women's racing of all grades down at Port Melbourne. The course offers some fast cornering, a long and broad finishing straight for you to be able to test yourself every Sunday morning. There is also coffee, amenities and a great welcoming vibe. Get down there and check it out.

#24in24 has 10 weeks to go. Just to refresh I started at ~106kg with the aim of loosing 24kg in 24 weeks. Well I am on goal and have lost exactly 14kg and I have 10kg to go in 10 weeks. On the day of Melbourne Marathon I was at 16 kg lost however in the week after there was some solid "cheat meals" going on!!

You can check the #24in24 progress, use it to give me some grief :) or use it for inspiration toward a fitness goal of your own.

We have a new section beginning soon representing some hardware including bikes among others, check back, enjoy your life to its full- keep on Booming..... 
Garmin Vector is here!! Group Rides and #24in24
Friday, August 16, 2013
It is an exciting time with the Tour having just finished and Melbourne switching on some gorgeous days as only she knows how. Daylight saving will be with us soon and so the increase to riding hours will be greatly received.

We like to keep it exciting here at BoomTime and in the next week we receive our Garmin Vector Pedals. These will allow you to further enhance your riding and training experience with the use of power measurable technology. Check out the video below

Our group rides now leave Thursday's from Giant Hampton, 475 Hampton St, Hampton at 530am with a ride up to the roundabout at Mordi and then back to Brown Cow. This ride is a small chain ring affair and is very cruisy. All are welcome.

Coach Boom (Adrian) has also taken on the #24in24 weight loss challenge. This is the health goal of loosing 24 kg in 24 weeks. Can it be done?? Well he thinks so. Why do it? Well it is a big goal and a real stretch. It also acts as a great example of focus and determination, plus an opportunity to gain a first hand insight to the challenges of training, family, work and many other things that can go to provide challenges to your goals. You can track this #24in24 challenge via our Blog or use the hashtag  #24in24 via twitter- our handle is @cycleboomtime and share your fitness goals

Do you have a question?? Email us HERE 
Bunchies, Toys and Workshop
Sunday, February 10, 2013
The last week has been fantastic riding/ running weather so we hope you have been out and about racking up the KM's holding your fitness for life goals or pressing toward some bigger goals along your competition calendar.

BoomTime has been gaining some great momentum with its bunch rides and you can check out our calendar to get on board. The rides cost nothing. Anyone can come. All details are listed on the calendar so come along and join in.

The new Garmins have been smashing through, seems us Cyclists and Triathletes love their toys. Adding to this the new Garmin 510 arrives late this week and we will be delivering some of the very first in Australia to our preorder customers. If you want to be part of this, send us an EMAIL.
One of the key points we like to make with those that purchase Garmin through us is that we want you to be able to understand and extract as much potential from your unit as possible. Tuition and on going service is what we provide so that your Garmin is truly a valuable addition to your equipment range.

The workshop is humming along very nicely. We know you are busy and we know you want to give your machine the best attention. Boom picks up and delivers, we get your machine serviced and ride ready- You can see here a couple of jobs we have done- try us out! You can even book online

Custom Parlee Z3 w/SRM and Super Record

BMC Racing Machine w/SRAM Red and FireCrest 404
SunTour and new Garmin Edge 510 & 810
Monday, January 07, 2013
What a fantastic last week it has been for the sport of Cycling.

There has been some hot as hell racing in the Bay Crits transitioning into the Jayco Herald SunTour.

There is more to come with the road nationals and then the Tour Down Under- BOOOM.

We will be bringing you later our "from the team car" account of the goings on while on Tour, rider needs, leadership challenges and buckets of water roadside as we keep the machine of thump rolling smooth.

For the tech heads and those where more data is never enough data, we introduce the new Edge series of Computers from Garmin. We have these available for PRE order- they will be here late January. Order yours NOW

Here we have a fantastic video representation through the Garmin-Sharp Cycling Team demonstrating the fantastic features of the new Edge series. We have these available for pre-order so get in now

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